When in Doubt Drink Wine

When in doubt, drink wine. When the morning is grey and the wind is gushing and creaking through the holes in your little cubby-hole, drink wine. When the pillows falls off the bed, and the blankets are turned sideways and your bunny stuffed animal named Conejita has gone missing, drink wine. When your mind is overwhelmed and your body is taking a break, and the gym just won’t do it, drink wine. When the trip is almost over and you feel the good bye is near, drink wine. Walk over with confidence, look over your small six bottle collection, analyze if you have it in you to take a cork out or if today is just a screw and pour kind of day… chose a bottle depending on the weight upon your shoulders. Haven’t slept well… get a Pinot. Cannot seem to take, deal or move on pass a big decision grab a Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon. Have had a really, really bad month grab a Syrah and order Chinese, or get someone that loves you to bring you something sweet. Something like chocolate lava cake. Or maybe coffee ice cream. Or maybe one of those delicious coffee cupcakes they sell at Frosted Cakes in the saturday Farmer’s Market. Between the wine lady and the man that has six different kinds of potatoes.

Grab the bottle, grab a glass, open it and pour. Enjoy that beauty of a sound. The perfect, clear glass suddenly stained with red deliciousness. Swirl the wine and put it to your nose. Mmmm. Take a drink and feel it in your tongue and the walls of your mouth, let your mouth water. Acidity.

Walk over and contemplate the world. Breathe. It will all be different, but it will be okay.


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