Planning, moving & loving…


After graduating with a B.A. Honours Sociology from St. Thomas University in the small city of Fredericton, N.B., I decided to take a year off to rethink my future, rest my mind and expand my horizons. My plan is to work half the year and travel the other half to many beautiful places (mainly in India). I’m already half way through my working “half” and considering October is my favourite time of the year, I figured now was the time to start a picture journal.

I’ve been spending a lot of time organizing my plans for travelling as well as for coming back to Canada to continue my Ma. and PhD. Planning is one of my favourite things to do, because planning to me is synonymous of dreaming. When you plan you can juggle space for extra things, places or time to make the best out of any occasion. My secret dream job is to be an event planner and my life is my biggest project.

I woke up at five in the morning yesterday with the energy to take on the world if I wanted to. Knowing I wouldn’t get any more sleep no matter how much I tried, I walked to the kitchen in our new, much smaller, apartment. My partner and I have moved out of our two bedrooms, two floors, two bathrooms, two balconies, where we lived for two years, to a new, modern and innovative bachelor pad. The new place is beautiful, but it also is a constant reminder that this is his place. In fact in my opinion this is not the place for any woman as there is only one closet in the whole place. Going from three closets and one walk-in to half a closet has most definitely not been my dream move, but it has been the right decision for us. Now Pedro has a place for himself (when I’m gone) and I was forced to get rid of excessive amounts of clothes, shoes, books (with lots of pain) and furniture (with much less pain). I turned on the electric kettle (that my mother bought me four years ago when I moved to Canada for the first time and into a single room in Chatham Hall residence) and felt warmed by its smooth bubbling heat. Drinking a lemon and ginger tea with lots of honey I looked through the window at the drops of water sitting on the leaves and the grass. Fall is here, kissing our cheeks with its cold, caressing wind, forcing us to start the layering process and allowing is to play with scarfs.

Pedro drove me to Cafe Loka where I ordered my usual scrambled eggs with peppers, onions, tomatoes and cheese with a mochaccino, more cocoa than coffee please. The staff at Cafe Loka is a friendly group of people, together with the cozy and warm eight table set up, the place feels homey and comfortable. I am here to meet my thesis advisor and profesor to a job he’s offered me. While I wait I open my safari to see three different windows with over ten tabs in each. One window is full of university applications, scholarships and student visa information sites. Another window hosts Indian, Singaporean and Indonesian entry and vaccinations requirements, NGOs, ashrams, hostels and getaways webpages. And the last window is full of plane, bus and train tickets webpages and backpacking gear shopping lists.

I stretch my back and make a mental note to keep it straight while I position my hands over my laptop and continue the never-ending and beautiful process of planning. So far I have a ticket to India for seven months, a half way done Indian tourist visa application, and a lot of excitement built up. The planning goes on…


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