Vandana Shiva’s Justice begins with Seeds lecture at 2013 International Conference

There is no need for me to add anything but that I am a big follower of Vandana Shiva and she has become a huge inspiration in my life.

Her fight against multinational corporations such as Monsanto and her capacity to pin-point the hypocrisy of the West is brave and defiant. She is the face of the people of the Earth who have for so many years been subject to continuous enslavement, poverty and destitution or their lands, knowledge and capacities.

I am saving up to visit India, a country whose historical, colonial, economical and cultural development trigger the most unrestful curiosity within; I am planning of walking through the markets of New Delhi, visiting a friend in Bangalore for a week or so. After I am applying for the development of an internship in Vandana Shiva’s farm Navdanya in Sherpur Dehradun, Uttarancha. The farm includes the Earth University and Grandmother’s University, where interns and volunteers that stay three months of more can attend for free.

If you are interested in learning about the movement, below are the official webpage and Facebook page. There is lots of videos and lectures done by Vandana Shiva, this one is recent and very powerful message of what truly needs to be done to change the future of our people, our Earth. Systems fail, and instead of continuing to support a system that has been failing, damaging, hurting, its time to learn about alternative systems.


Listen while preparing a meal, writing in your journal, doing your nails, cleaning the house. Let the words sink in in their full capacity.




2 thoughts on “Vandana Shiva’s Justice begins with Seeds lecture at 2013 International Conference

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