March in Costa Rica on June 25th, 2013

I watched the news podcasts and comments on the march that took place in Costa Rica today. First, it pains me to be so far from my nation and my people. It pains me to be dormant in some faraway land that contributes to the exploitation of my people and our brothers and sisters in Latin and South America, lets us not forget our brothers and sisters in Mexico.

Second, it is obviously surprising to me to see such acts taken place, such violence, such movement. Not because we are not capable of demanding change as a people, but because only by yelling it out from the bottom of our souls and walking it out in our so called free boulevards and streets we can be heard. While our government continues to lead a path of corruption, destruction, separatism, individualism, servants of the North, of Capitalism, of economic and developing systems that have proven to have not life but death as a final destination; it continues to dismiss our cries, our demands. When did our country become a complete facade? I have been away for three years and in such period, as in everywhere else in the world, there has been demand for change, awakening of civilians, acts of demanded democracy, a world fight for freedom, change, love, prosperity, safety, abundance, thought. This could easily be described as the third world war except our remedies of fighting are different. We are a humanity at birth, touching and smelling the air of freedom behind the dust and smoke from the factories of our misled Industrial Revolution. We are the humans of today, tomorrow and yesterday, we claim our right to live. We claim our right to eat, to laugh, to have families and to gather with loved ones, to grow, to change and CREATE. We dismiss the lessons that forbid us to be who we are, that demands us to enslave ourselves, that destroy our sources of life. We are the creators of a world that will overcome such difficulties, we will see our descendants face to face and say “THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE DONE, AND THIS IS HOW WE HAVE FOUGHT”. I want to think that historians will look back and call this the era of awakening. I want to think that it will take less pain, less destruction and less death to allow for this change to happen.

Yet I look around me and something tells me that a great deal of terrible things must happen for us to wake up from this one. Like an unhealthy relationship, we are sick in our ways and lost in our truth, we continue to believe, support and ignore the vicious cycles that condemn us, our children, our plants and animals and future generations to live life like slaves. Unable to be the source of creation in our lives, our communities and societies and world. We have become dormant and followers of a dominant force of destruction, greed, fear and pain. Like a person in such relationship, rock bottom will provide the magical moment in which we truly decide, who are we living for? And what life do we want to live? It saddens me to have this realization, but such awakenings are taking place around the world already. The Arab spring, the Occupy movement, the thousands of marches that are taking place right now and have been going on in planning, spirit, energy and movement over these past couple of years. The green fight against the ownership of seeds and their destruction and change. The green belt movement to re-forest our planet that continues to sustain us and calls for our much needed help and protection.

As a journalism minor, who retired from finishing the career after realizing the corporate and governmental control of world media, I am heartened to see the power of media, social media, images and videos! This is where the true power of journalism lies. We are all journalists: writing, telling and broadcasting the terrible things that have been done upon us, and the even worse fears of our times. I am a very sensible person and it troubles me to see the ways in which this world has come to accept its humanity and life. It’s fascinating in a way that I can feel so much pain from watching the news, reading the paper, hearing people’s words as they face the world through a camera and explain what has happened to them. It’s fascinating because as I look around me or share with people what I have read I find rejection. In this sick relationship of ours, we too have learned to ignore and reject those thoughts, feelings and emotions that would naturally spark from pain, lies, corruption, and enslavement. Instead, we have learned to cope, to move on, to look the other way. The pain I feel is no better, if I continue to stand by and be informed and sad but lacking action. I need to act. I must act. If I don’t own and love my life, somebody will own and destroy it. I have to show myself that I deserve to be here, I was born here, my energy in its embodied form landed here. I have the right to experience this world, to be fascinated by its unlimited cultures and beauty. I have the right to eat different food and respect different groups. I want to experience this world, not a world filled with control, weapons, greed, hunger, applied poverty, exploitation, death, etc, etc. I have the right to experience the real world that underlies all this man made crap.

Thank you to my brothers and sisters across the world who are active and marching the streets, make the buildings rock with your chanting songs, make the world see as we go on, that this era is to be over, and that those in power over the past 200 years will fight, just like we, until the end. Do not forget that in every human there is a soft spot, and that at some point we will come to terms with that, and forgive, challenge and change, but we will never forget, we will remember our mistakes, because we cannot overlook the lessons. We must not believe in power, money, and justifications of wealth and poverty, we must instead believe in our individual and communal capacity to make ourselves and this world a better place.


Tell me your thoughts with love and inspiration

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