In response to political article published in Policymic

In response to political article published in Policymic

I am not surprised by the quantity of misunderstanding and misinterpretation found in this misguided article, since of course it was written by a man, and a close-minded coward at that. For one, feminists, like many other groups in society cannot be generalized, for there are many of us, with many different motives. In my opinion, every woman is a feminist by sex and cannot suppress her feminism by being chauvinist to herself, although this happens a lot, for women have female interests, disregarding of men and concerning men. As long as there are men around, we will interact and deconstruct and re-construct meaning, structure and life together and THAT makes us feminists. We think, act and are women, we are feminists. But that is just the kind of feminist I am. There are some feminists, that believe men to be at fault and must be erased from the planet, those women are (in my opinion) as lost as the words written by Versetti.

Second, to say that women cannot forget their roles as “mothers and wives” is to say that men can. Actually throughout the whole article, Versetti continues to promote gender characteristics that are offensive to BOTH MEN AND WOMEN by placing genders at complete opposites. For example, emotional wise, women go through monthly cycles that promote a different level of hormonal stability every day and with that a different set of emotions felt differently among women. Men do not go through a physical cycle such as this one, their levels of emotions are characterized by monotonous stability, but it does not mean that men do not FEEL (ohh the scary word for machos!), or go through emotional changes, growth and learning. AND IT SURE AS HELL DOES NOT MEAN THAT WOMEN ARE NOT STRONG, DOMINANT AND POWERFUL. Both sexes are strong, dominant and powerful. How do you think we look like to those who have sexes that are not female or male? (Of course that must be a question for future generations, since ours APPARENTLY is still discussing with ideas such as those of Angel Versetti). There are different types of men and women out there, and it is offensive and ridiculous that in the so called “21st century” (which might as well be our last, if we continue to promote the unhealthiness of this planet as if we had somewhere else to go) we continue to forbid women and men who do not fall exactly within the lines of “submissive, caring and forgiving” women and “strong, dominant and full of mistakes and errors” men.

Men have the right to have feelings, and be caring partners and fathers and friends, to cook for their families and love their loved ones and to chose lifestyles where drinking and smoking are not primal, just as women have the right to follow life-ruling careers, paths of bacheloretes and sexual liberation without being any less of a woman. THANK TO THOSE WOMEN, the rest of us who prefer one partner and the less the better know anything about sex. It is those women who teach us how to teach our loving men how to touch us, kiss us, and stimulate us so that we can actually arrive at orgasm, WHICH CONTINUES TO BE A BIG PROBLEM IN TODAY’S SEXUAL WORLD! Why? because men think penetrating us in and out will get us somewhere, and women think that moaning and pretending orgasm is the thing to do, BUT THIS IS NOT OUR FAULT, this is what we have been taught, and we can challenge that and change it, either in a public space or in the privacy of our bedrooms. Of course there are as many women out there sexually available with men of the same status that neither know what they are doing… generalizing is not ever an answer.

Angel-Versetti, as a writer myself, please I recommend that you reconsider the power of your writing, specially if you plan on filling the eyes and minds of the world with your frustration with women, men and society. To say that feminists are destroying the world with their gender-less politics is to:

1. ignore the historical fight of women to become decision-makers and leaders in a male-dominated society.

2. ignore the societal changes such as the industrial revolution, the war on terror, the invention of the clock and its effect on human life, and the use of coal, oil and nuclear power which are indeed events that continue to spiral our living planet to death, at least and hopefully for us humans, who are so “reasonable” that we believe in monetary systems more than the need of a healthy planet to live, eat, breathe and procreate.

Your writing is very sad for a man of your age, and your century. Your writing is shame for your gender, and men should shame you for your close-minded and ridiculous ideas.

Finally to touch on the importance of gender differences, I believe those are important as well. In a perfect world, where gender differences were valued, women who were pregnant would not become a problem for the company or job they work for, they would have longer paid leaves for the benefit of well-nourished children in society, and their job etiquette would not be challenged, WE ARE WOMEN, we are not lazy or taking advantage of our bodily capacities. In a perfect world, one ruled by both men and women, A LOT OF THINGS WOULD BE DIFFERENT, why not higher wages for family makers, so that they can work less hours and equally spend more at home, taking care of the household and children. In a perfect world, or gender-balanced world, women and men shouldn’t have to worry about who wants to be at home with the children more or work more, women and men both have different desires, some have a passion to work, some to raise families, some to be free of responsibilities and expectations and some to filled with them. In a world where both men and women contribute to its creation, management and maintenance–> we wouldn’t be living in a world dominated by an economic system that continues to force waged slavery across the world, or support wars that as techniques destroy female sexual bodies through rape and physical damage, kill children and force them into soldiers, and undermine the capacity of men to protect and love their women, we wouldn’t continue to live a capitalist system that will inevitably use all the resources, for it is based on that consumption, innovation need and its killing the very resources needed for human life, society and families.

Please, before you decide to blame “feminists” of all the crap in this world, to justify the lack of manhood education that men have, and the need for women to continue to forgive, deal with and remind men of their moralities as if men were not capable enough of doing that themselves (AND PLEASE DON’T SAY MEN ARE LAZY BASTARDS, because most are hardworking, inventive, creative and fun), do your research and studies in the real world changes that have led to the weakening of families and loss of morality in society. Your ignorance, disrespect for both sexes and offensive writing is a shame to the world and so it should be to yourself. Please “man up” (as you wrote in one of your comments) and go find your true self, forgive yourself and apologize to your female and male mates.


3 thoughts on “In response to political article published in Policymic

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  2. I am not surprised by the quantity of misunderstanding and misinterpretation found in this misguided article, since of course it was written by a man…..I came here to read your response to the article you linked from and this is your opening sentence? Really?

    • Really Ryan. Please don’t take offence, but the reality is that both men and women live in a world that is defined for men, and most institutions work to service men. It is clear in the writing of the author, and this is where you might find a confusing offence, that there are patriarchal underlinings in his thoughts. There are patriarchal underlinings in most of ours thoughts whether female or male. While some of us, regardless of the gender, try to dissuade backwards from thoughts, views and ideas that do not belong to our nature, many don’t see it, and that majority is the male population (although sadly many women don’t either). Saying that the misunderstanding and misinterpretation of piece of writing, which terribly expresses the needs, ideals, thoughts and realities of women (and many modern, conscious, changing men!), does not surprise me is to recall the underlinings that are inherent in the identities and psyches of men. Since of course it is male thought that has ruled over the modern world. I hope you can reconsider the reality of the world, and that of the author and my own. But if the offence is too much for you, you should perhaps put yourself in the shoes of millions of women suffering the consequences of a male dominated world. That is of course if you have not already visualized the ways in which men themselves are suffering from the consequences of a male dominated world.

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